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Children in Need

A Place to Call Home!

GDP Kenya has always had the vision of helping children who couldn’t care for themselves. Children who are vulnerable were left to themselves, facing unimaginable hurt and hopelessness in places where there was very little, if any, assistance or hope at all. For this reason, our Good Samaritan Project and our A Lift Up Project are at the heart of many of the things that we do. We are actively involved in these two projects in Kenya, East Africa that provide much-needed support to children’s homes. We prefer not to use the term “orphanages” in Kenya because, thanks to you and so many others, these children are no longer orphans! They have a place where they can call home and those who genuinely care for them and their well-being and future!

GDPK’s “A Lift Up Project” and the “Good Samaritan Project” are two initiatives created to meet the needs of children who have been affected by physical and mental trauma, poverty, and lack of access to basic resources. Through these two incredible initiatives, we provide clean water, quality education, and a safe and comfortable environment for the children to grow and heal. We also provide support and guidance to the children’s needs so they can develop their potential and give them a future worth looking forward to. Additionally, we focus on creating a sense of community and belonging among the children, which can help them foster relationships with their peers and gain the confidence they need to overcome their difficult circumstances. We provide trauma-based help and care in each of the children’s homes that we support. Not only do we provide quality education, but we go beyond the normal by recognizing those who are excelling and giving them a push forward to achieve what was once an unimaginable dream: advanced education! Through our scholarship program, we provide a means for these gifted young adults to continue their education in trade schools, colleges, and universities! Thanks to your help, support, and encouragement, GDP Kenya really is changing lives!

Food Programs

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

We partner directly with two registered orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya. These children’s homes care for children in the age range of 14 months to 13 years. Most children are either total or partial orphans brought to the Children’s Center by relatives, friends, government officials, police officers, and social workers. The burden of care continues to grow as more and more kids are brought to the orphanages in Kenya. But the love for these children is so overwhelming that we’re compelled to do everything we can to help these wonderful and precious caretakers provide the children with the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, medical support, and spiritual guidance.

Our vision goes hand in hand with the children’s home of providing a place where they feel welcomed, loved, and protected. Our goal at GDP Kenya is to help be that bridge for the kids, enabling them to live healthy and satisfying lives like any other children they see. Please, help us be that means of hope and support!


Education Programs

Empowering Others

Our Education program offers a much-desired platform for people who deserve it most. Not only do we support and help provide a means to create a good and permanent shelter and stable surrounding for the children in these children’s homes that we’ve partnered with, but we’re also playing a vital part in helping to provide supplies and funding to help create a much-needed system of education. Through education, they will have the opportunity to excel in life!

Each year, we take teams into the children’s home to paint, make repairs, interact, and just be one of the kids! We supply new computers and laptops each year to the school and donate the funding to pay for the costs of the internet. Just recently, we updated the classrooms and teachers with all-new computers. In 2023/24, the plan is to add more computers and phase out the old units.