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Women’s Empowerment

Women Development Training

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Women in Africa, from their youth, are part of the cornerstones on which families, agricultural labor, economic, and women’s education development are built in Kenya. But sadly, in many of the most common and needed areas of society, many women, especially young women, have lacked the opportunities and support to excel and realize their goals, dreams, and potential.

​This is an area dear to our hearts and where we’re fully committed to making a difference! With the support and help of some very caring people, we have made a difference! If just one young lady can realize her educational and career dream, we’ve made a difference! A difference that we can be proud of! And that’s precisely what we’re doing – providing opportunities and support for the development of African women of all ages in Kenya to realize their dreams, potential, and hope for a better life and environment for themselves and their families!

We have provided aid, opportunities, and educational support in getting career training, business development opportunities, and access to higher learning institutions. We are currently hosting a yearly Intercontinental Women’s Development Conference in newly built facilities in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa. Professional women speakers from different key sectors of society speak at these instructive and inspiring conferences and seminars. Teachings from personal medical care to business and African women’s career development in Kenya will be provided – all free of charge!

We’ve seen the door that opportunity can open and the hope that a bit of encouragement can provide!

You, too, can make a difference and be that hope!