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Evelyn S. Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund

Each year, we have several young adults in the Children’s Home, whom we support, that have thrived in the nurtured atmosphere that has been created for them in the Home. They have not only thrived in their social lives but have also excelled in their educational studies! These bright, gifted, and talented young adults then desire to pursue higher learning. A dream that they never thought possible in their life!

Unwilling to allow their dreams to stop there, we’ve created a wonderful opportunity and means by which these deserving young adults are able to fulfill their dreams of attending an institution of higher learning. We’ve created the Evelyn S. Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund! Evelyn Weatherspoon was an African-American educator who desire to educate and inspire any child she came across. She was relentless in trying to inspire the hearts and minds of her students and believed that every one of them had a gift, a talent, a dream – something valuable to offer to the world that would, in turn, inspire others and propel them into the world of possibilities if they’d believe in themselves as much as she believed in them! She ignited and stirred to minds of all those she came across to dream, and then believe that dream is obtainable! She did this passionately up until the time of passing from cancer at the age of 56 yrs. This educator and inspirer was not only my teacher, but she was also my mother! The very one who inspired me to inspire others!

The Evelyn S. Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund will be donated to all young adults raised in the children’s home who have excelled in their academic studies, and have been accepted into an accredited trade school or institution of higher learning that has been approved by GDP’s Board of Advisors. Once chosen, GDP will provide the total tuition cost each year as long as the student remains in good standing with the institution.

We need your help! The average cost per year for each student is $2250 USD. For $22,500, we can provide the Evelyn S. Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund to 10 students!!!

Likewise, if you’d like to donate a full scholarship to one child to honor someone special in your life, you can do so for the amount of $9000 USD, which is the tuition cost for one full scholarship (4 years)! That scholarship will be given in the honor and name of that person you’d like for it to be dedicated to! You can directly invest in one of these young adults’ higher learning or help us sponsor them through the scholarship fund.