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Field Report from Kiambu, Kenya

At GDP, we believe in impacting our community, and there is no better way than supporting and empowering our youth through scholarships. Through the Evelyn S Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund, we provide selected students from developing countries with opportunities to further their education by attending vocational schools or universities. Students who normally would not have the opportunity to do so. This scholarship provides tuition, room and board, books, lab fees, and transportation. In addition to our scholarship program, GDP also offers various workshops and seminars to equip our youth with essential life skills and prepare them for the real world. We believe that education goes beyond the classroom and encompasses personal and professional development. Through these workshops, we aim to empower our youth to become leaders, problem-solvers, and change-makers in their communities.


Meet Charolette Okoth, from Mombasa, Kenya, a recipient of our 2022 Evelyn S Weatherspoon Scholarship Fund:


Hello, my name is Charlotte Okoth. I’m a 3rd year student attending Zetech University located in Kiambu County, Kenya. My field of study is International Relations.


My passion has always been education. It’s been my family’s dream for me to be the first in our family to attend and obtain a college degree. During my final year of high school, my father became ill and passed away unexpectedly. Since that time, life has been even more difficult for my family. To provide food and shelter for my siblings and I, my mother took on the job of a janitor at a local hospital working during the night. This meant that the thought of furthering my education was completely gone. Our thoughts were simply survival.


I am so thankful that the people at the Global Development Project stepped in and told me not to give up on my dream, but to pursue it, because they would take care of the rest!  Thank you, GDP, and God bless you!


What does this mean to GDP?  Everything!!!


Go to our Scholarship Fund page and see how you can be a support and provider of these youth who are doing incredible things!  Join us in making an incredible difference!