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Greetings from Nairobi Kenya E. Africa

Jesus says in Matthew 18:5, “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me”.

This month’s spotlight is on: Abigael Wangare 5yrs old. Early March of 2018 Abigael’s mother and elder brother were living on the streets in the slum of Mathare – Nairobi when they were rescued by Good Samaritan Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Center. This was not protocol for Good Samaritan, because of the sheer number of those who are homeless in Mathare. Their facilities couldn’t accommodate, nor were they prepared to receive them in, but because of her being pregnant with Abigael, Mama Mercy felt compelled to do so. June 30th of that same year Abigael was born. The Good Samaritan Children’s Home, her mother and sibling, is the only home and family that Abigael knows. Despite having been born and raised in the slums of Mathare and surrounded by extreme poverty, Abigael maintains a joyful disposition and a beautiful smile. Thanks to your prayers and generosity, Good Samaritan Children’s Home continues to serve the less fortunate children of Mathare. May the Lord continue to keep you and bless you. Eric Wright Field Director GDPK Inc