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November 2023 GDP News

We are excited to sponsor a “Season to Remember!” at the Good Samaritan Children’s Home this December 25th! The Good Samaritan’s Children’s Home is located in the heart of the Mathare slums, in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been supporting this home the past several years as they receive in orphans and abandoned children that literally have no hope of a future and no home or shelter to go to. We help meet the needs and expenses of their food, shelter, education, healthcare, safety, and well-being. Not only the needs of the children, but directly support the teachers and caretakers who so lovingly care for these children!

During the December holidays, we plan to make this time special for these kids by showing them a beautiful time of love, fun, care, attention, and lots to eat! During the holidays, it’s usually festive and celebratory outside of the walls of the Mathare Slums, but within, it’s anything but festive. It’s just another time of looking for something to hope in and finding a way to get by for another day. It’s our hope and our plan to give these children a chance to experience joy and laughter and the reassurance that there are those that care!

Join us in making this time special and truly giving them a “Season to Remember!” $2200 is all it takes to truly make this a special time for these kids!

Thank you, from all of us here at GDPK!!